Lupe Valdez re-elected as Dallas County Sheriff

By Emory Parsons and Nate Williams

Lupe Valdez, the Democratic incumbent for Dallas Country sheriff, is running away with the lead on Republican challenger Kirk Launius, but Republicans at the Dallas GOP watch party don’t seem too concerned.

“I am a Republican so I voted for Mr. Launius, but Dallas has been trending Democrat for so long that I’m not surprised,” said David Keeton, who attended Tuesday night’s watch party at the Westin. “And, she has done a remarkably good job.”

David Keeton at the Dallas GOP watch party on Nov. 8. Photo credit: Emory Parsons

Keeton, who is gay, said he feels Dallas County Republicans are increasingly accepting of gay political candidates. Valdez also is openly gay.

“I’m gay and I just love being here surrounded by Republicans who make me feel confident about myself,” Keeton said.

At the Dallas County Democratic watch party at the downtown Hyatt Regency, attendee Michelle Newsome was encouraged that Valdez was cruising to re-election, despite a night of national anxiety for Democrats.

Michelle Newsome at the GOP Dallas watch party on Nov. 8 Photo credit: Emory Parsons

“She’s been a great sheriff,” Newsome said of Valdez.

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