Lyle adds to gender and engineering conversation

The conversation about the women of the Lyle School of Engineering has recently been in regards to their outfit choices, not their achievements.

One Lyle Undergrad student said she felt the original article was a “shallow observation” and it was “not necessarily indicative of anyone that I’ve encountered, or met, or worked with.”

A Lyle staff member, who asked to remain anonymous, said she agreed with the article.

“I agree with what the article said, and I think that’s a good thing that less importance is placed on feminine physical appearance,” she said.

A female Lyle undergrad student said that as the people of Lyle, regardless of gender, socio-economic background, race, and religion, are all in Lyle with one common goal.

“We are here to achieve, to innovate, to contribute, and I don’t feel that was celebrated,” she said.

The Lyle School started a conversation about gender and engineering, illustrated on sticky notes below.


Photo credit: Caroline Kushner
Photo credit: Caroline Kushner
Photo credit: Caroline Kushner
Photo credit: Caroline Kushner




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