Lyle research day

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Lyle hosted its second annual research day Wednesday in Caruth Hall. The event showcased all the different research Lyle engineers are working on. Forty-seven presented throughout the day.

As if the research wasn’t enough, free pizza, espresso and Pokey O’s ice cream was also provided.

“It’s always interesting seeing the different topics from all the different departments,” said senior engineering major Emily Dunn. “And there’s always ice cream which is not a bad thing.”

The event lasted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Awards were announced at the end of the day.

Matthew Tonnemacher, who is working on his PhD in electoral engineering, was able to present during the morning session. His research was given the hashtag nickname #iBreathBeacons.

“The goal is to show off to all the other grad students and anyone else who cares what we’ve been doing for the past sometimes three or four years,” Tonnemacher said.

Researcher topics varied and many were given hashtags like #MultiComponentDiffusion and #RealTimeTrafficSimulation.


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