Mail center supervisor a favorite among students

Whether you know him or not, chances are good Marcus Smith has helped you at least once during your time at SMU.

Smith is the SMU mail center site supervisor. From Monday to Saturday, you’ll find him hard at work checking packages into the system, giving students their mail and returning boxes.

Marcus Smith Image.jpg
Marcus Smith checks packages into the system and notifies students that they have received mail.

Many students are quick to say Smith is their favorite worker in the mail room.

“I like Marcus Smith because he makes a point of getting to know each student by name and says hello,” said Ann Nordin, a sophomore who’s a regular at the mail center. “He makes getting my packages easy.”

“He is such a special person to have on campus,” first-year Louise Doss said.

Smith is big on customer service. He said he wants to serve the SMU students and faculty to the best of his ability.

His dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Smith not only handles SMU’s beloved Revolve packages, but is also responsible for more important mail, including care packages to and from home, passports and election documents. Smith also ensures the faculty receives everything they need.

“I like to be one of the cogs in that system,” Smith said. “That’s why I think this job is important.”

Smith brings energy to SMU mail center. Dawn Kindred, one of the workers in the mail room, said Smith is always singing and making jokes. But what sets Smith apart is his love for his job, said his boss Lynn Hascal.

Smith’s favorite part of his job is working with the SMU students and faculty. He recently created an SMU mail center Facebook page to further help students and faculty. He posts tips and tricks about different mailing aspects, including how to address an envelope and how to track a package.

“Getting to talk to y’all every day is the highlight,” Smith said. “That’s why I come to work.”

This feature is part of The Daily Campus‘ “Unsung Heroes” series, which profiles those who keep our campus running.

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