MAPS sponsors health professions panel

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What do you plan to pursue after graduating from SMU? Some students plan to attend law school, earn a master’s in the business administration program, a master’s in a particular field of interest or even a Ph.D. program.

A Health Professional Panel consisting of Dr. Larry Ruben from Dedman College’s biology department and Dr. Kami Banks from University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School wants students interested in science to consider a career in the medical field.

“Working with students and helping them develop their careers as grad/professional students is gratifying especially when the students you taught become your colleagues and accomplished in their field as well,” Ruben said.

Ruben spoke briefly of his research in conjunction with the World Health Organization among many other respected institutions.

“[Science or Research] is a big question and you’re trying to unravel the puzzling mystery,” he said.

The mystery or question being researched can lead to new discoveries or change the course of history whether the study focuses on psychology, molecular genetics, cardiology, epidemiology, public health or medicine.

While completing one’s degree at Southern Methodist University, the biology department offers research experience on campus as well as at surrounding educational institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. UT-Southwestern offers a competitive Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, a program implemented to appeal to undergraduates wanting to gain research experience for a prospective Ph.D. program.

Students must take into consideration a key principle in any academic field or institution – that dedication is valued everywhere. Academic institutions want to work with dedicated associates and individuals because it shows one’s character, according to both Ruben and Banks.

According to Ruben, focusing on your research with dedication will bring distinction and a successful dissertation.

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