Meadow Museum houses Alba artwork exhibit

For the first time, the Alba family’s private art collection has left their palace walls and journeyed to our very own campus grounds. The Meadows Museum is housing artwork from three of the family’s six castles until Jan. 3.

The Meadows Museum at SMU has long been known for its loyalty to Spanish artwork, but its newest exhibition is unlike any other.

“Should anything happen to the art, Spain could wage war,” said Sam Holland, Meadows School of the Arts Dean.

Each piece was hand selected by the Duke of Spain with the help of the Meadows Director, Dr. Mark Roglan. This exhibition took five years to arrange and was made possible only by the passing of the late Duchess and the State Department’s willingness to insure the artwork.

Accompanying the Alba’s private collection of paintings by Fra Angelico, Goya and Renoir is an entire room dedicated to Christopher Columbus’ manuscripts. The documents include his first map of the New World and a list of the sailors accompanying him on his exploration.

With Columbus Day just one week ago, now is the perfect time for student to take advantage of this remarkable exhibition.

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