Meadows museum to open Picasso exhibition

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Looking for a piece of history to explore this summer? The Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University will honor Pablo Picasso’s Guernica through their exhibition: Picasso’s Dream and Life of Franco: The Spanish Civil War in Print.


The exhibition will be on display April 2 through July 2. The Meadows Museum is free to SMU students, faculty and staff. It will feature prints from the Spanish Civil War that inspired Picasso’s famous piece.

Guernica, produced in 1937, turns 80 years old this June. It was made in response to the Spanish Civil War and the bombing of the town of Guernica in 1937. During the war, Picasso began a set of prints titled The Dream and Lie of Franco, and were the first political works of Picasso’s career.

The Meadows Museum centers their exhibitions and collections around Spanish art. The Picasso exhibit was donated by the Meadows Foundation.

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