MSA celebrates Islam awareness

The smell of samosas and beef kabobs wafted throughout Hughes-Trigg Student Center Commons Tuesday afternoon as students made their way from table to table visiting colorful display boards and taste-testing a plethora of good eats.

“The goal is to inform the greater SMU population about Islam,” said Muslim Student Association President Ali Anwar.

For those who have not ventured into the Hughes-Trigg Commons this week, Anwar is referring to the Islam Awareness Week held daily Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

According to Anwar, each of the five days is dedicated to a different theme, all of which work together to “dispel stereotypes associated with Islam.”

Tuesday was dubbed “Interfaith Perspectives” and focused on outlining similarities between Muslims and non-Muslims.

At one table a display board contained excerpts from the Quran, each of which had a similar Bible verse alongside it illustrating parallel religious beliefs.

SMU first-year and member of MSA Omer Ahmed said each display table presented information dedicated to drawing similarities and spreading awareness about Islam traditions.

“There are so many similarities from monotheism, to holidays, to places of worship,” Ahmed said.

Another table was promoting an event entitled “Walk Against Islamphobia.” The 5k walk hosted by Enlightened Generations will stay true to the organization’s name and enlighten people of all faiths about fear or hatred expressed toward Muslims.

“Being open-minded and enlightened is a huge part of what we do,” said Chief Executive Officer of Enlightened Generations Annum Jaffer as her fellow representative, Heba Alsaid, nodded in agreement.

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