Natural De-stresser: 3 top spots to enjoy nature at SMU

Fall is upon us. The blistering heat of the Texas summer is gradually lowering while the stress levels of the semester are starting to peak. To keep up with the workload, students start to solidify their favorite study locations on campus.

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Despite the anticipated midterms and pending deadlines, college students rarely pause from the daily rush between classes and meetings to appreciate the gentle breeze and soft sun of a fall day. A study by the University of Michigan in 2008 found that “simple and brief interactions with nature can produce marked increases in cognitive control.”

With SMU ranking as the second “most Beautiful” campus, according to the Princeton Review, the Hilltop offers plenty of outdoor havens to escape the confines of SMU’s freezing classrooms. Check out the list below for the top three best spots to enjoy nature on campus.

3. Southwest Corner of Blanton

While students pass this spot frequently throughout their everyday routine, this outdoor spot has plenty of shade to sit and catch up on work. Photo credit: Jacquelyn Elias

This spot, situated by the southwest corner of the Blanton Building, provides a hidden area to sit and watch as students walk to and from class. The bushes tend to hide whoever is sitting in this area, adding a degree of privacy. This spot serves as a particularly great spot to sit and watch the sun set in between the Cox buildings that slightly hinder the view.

2. Perkins School of Theology

This quiet spot within the Perkins School of Theology offers a perfect place to read on the southern point of campus. Photo credit: Jacquelyn Elias

Hidden on the southern edge of campus, this private spot is situated between Prothro Hall and Selecman Hall near Perkins Chapel. With not too many students walking on this side of campus, the area rarely has much noise and has plenty of benches to sit and watch the trees blow in the wind.

1. Greer Garson Theatre Courtyard

Just outside of Hamon Library, this courtyard offers the slight sound of the rushing fountain with the slight buzz of Hillcrest. Photo credit: Jacquelyn Elias

While the spot is a breeding-ground for mosquitos, the gentle sound of the fountain in the courtyard of Greer Garson Theatre in Meadows provides a calming background noise for any assignment. Being housed in Meadows, the courtyard also frequently has actors rehearsing in this area, acting as a collaborative space within the school.

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