Not your average pug

Morgan Keith hangs up a pink, glittery, and playful new outfit after getting home from her weekly Sunday shopping trip to Northpark. But this outfit isn’t for her, it’s for Zoey, her four-year-old pug.

Zoey has been fashionable ever since the senior biology major bought the puppy from someone selling her on a street in Scottsdale, AZ. Keith’s favorite outfit for Zoey is her pink puffy coat and her Puggs, which are Ugg boots for pugs. Along with her stylish outfits, the dog is also famous on Instagram for her long tongue.

“That outfit is my favorite because the first time I put the shoes on her paws she didn’t know how to walk in them and basically did a full-on handstand with her front paws,” Keith, who considers dressing her dog a hobby, said.

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 11.47.46 AM.png
Zoey Keith is stylish in the snow wearing her Pugg boots and puffy pink jacket (Courtesy of Morgan Keith).

Keith takes a fully-dressed Zoey with her everywhere she goes – even to class at SMU. Zoey has lived with Keith in both Scottsdale and Dallas and has become a popular member of Keith’s inner circle.

“Zoey is basically a child, she goes everywhere with Morgan and is so well- behaved, and Zoey is definitely the best dressed out of our friend group,” Keith’s best friend in Scottsdale, Morgan Hawkins, said.

Zoey’s outfits can be seen almost anywhere in Dallas. Keith walks her down Katy Trail, takes her to brunch at Social House, and brings her along for shopping dates in Highland Park Village. You can also find all of her outfits on Zoey’s Instagram page @pug_and_a_tongue.

Zoey has become famous for her incredible style as well as her long and crazy tongue. The pug has over 1,300 followers on Instagram and receives numerous comments on her photos.

“This Instagram page is awesome, I can’t get over that tongue and those outfits,” commented Instagram-user @jackthebully.

Keith plans to post as many photos as possible of Zoey dressed in her new outfits with her tongue out, to make her the next celebrity pug.

“She was born with a tongue too long for her mouth, and therefore it just tends to hang out 24/7,” Keith said. “That’s when I realized that I could make her famous for her long tongue along with the fact that I knew I could give people a laugh on Instagram with her cute outfits.”

The new glittery birthday outfit Keith picked up is ready for Zoey, although Zoey will have to wait to wear it until her birthday in June. Keith plans to post a picture of Zoey on Instagram celebrating in the new clothes currently hanging in Zoey’s personal closet.

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