Now trending at the SMU bookstore

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What’s hot right now at the SMU bookstore? Believe it or not, it’s the “Merry Christmas Y’all” t-shirt.

“Last year we sold out pretty early,” said store manager Mary Mebus. “This year, we are hoping to keep them around longer!”

The t-shirt is simple, white and long-sleeved with the SMU logo and the phrase, “Merry Christmas, Y’all.”


Mebus also said that the Nike performance gear and sportswear were consistently the most popular apparel items, typically in red, white and blue mustang colors. As far as paraphernalia and accessories, the chrome pony vehicle emblem and the classic SMU lanyards are the biggest sellers year round.

This year, the apparel seems to have a little more flair with colors like pink and green and patterns like chevron and polka-dots. Whatever your style, there is always going to be something interesting at the bookstore. To get your hands on the latest SMU gear, head over to the SMU Bookstore or visit their website.

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