OE2C announces possible travel management companies

The Operation Excellence for the Second Century (OE2C) Office announced on Nov. 19 its decision to explore four Travel Management Companies (TMCs): Colwick Travel, Corporate Travel Planners, Christopherson Business Travel and Corporate Travel Management.

The chosen TMC will work with the electronic travel solution Concur to integrate tickets, hotels and rental cars, as well as provide live travel assistance and booking help to those using the software.

The Travel Initiative of the OE2C project aims to consolidate human efforts toward travel-related activities and reducing the cost of travel expenditure.

To find these four TMCs, the Travel Committee for OE2C examined responses and feedback from the SMU community.

They selected the four for campus presentations after evaluating each option for savings and efficiency.

The company presentations will occur Dec. 2 at 5 p.m. in the Crum Auditorium of the Collins Center.

The Travel Committee for OE2C will be presenting their finds to the OE2C Executive Committee before winter break.

SMU faculty and staff are invited to attend and provide feedback to the Travel Committee.

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