“On the Rocks” belay classes continue

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Students learning to climb

Continuing this week at the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports, are the “On the Rocks” climbing wall classes. The classes are taught every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. until Nov. 26 by Professional Climbing Instructor’s Association (PCIA) Climbing Wall Instructors.

The classes start with the basics of belay class in which students learn fundamental top rope belay as well as risks, equipment, proper climbing communication and various knots. Following basics class, the student is tested on top rope skills and lead climbing skills to advance onto movement class.

Movement class is more advanced in the sense of types of climb, including overhang and crack climbing. This class is meant to challenge the climber and really develop the skills and techniques they have learned from basics of belay. Climbers will also learn more about balance, footwork, handholds, flagging and hooks.

As a capstone to everything the climber has learned is the Intro to Lead Climbing class. It is a class designed to evaluate the climber’s knowledge of climbing safety, equipment, techniques and communication on harder level rating climbs.

With the belay classes completed, there are numerous events hosted by the Climbing Wall at Dedman to participate in, including the VERTIGO Bouldering Competition, the Pulldown Climbing Competition and various other climbing competitions and challenges.

Students can find more information and sign up online.

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