Panhellenic Pop-Up unites sorority women on campus

SMU students gathered Monday night at the flagpole on Dallas Hall lawn to enjoy free food and socialize with Panhellenic women.

Three SMU freshmen enjoy eating free food and meeting girls in sororities at the Panhellenic Pop-Up. Photo credit: Harriette Hauske

“I came to this event to get to know some of the sorority girls better and have some familiar faces during rush,” freshman Caroline Slay said.

The junior Panhellenic delegates hosted the event, entitled “Panhellenic Pop-Up.” The junior delegates are a group of 16 sophomores with two representatives from each sorority.

Senior Samantha Klaassen is the executive vice president for Panhellenic and helped the junior delegates plan the event.

“The goal of the event was to promote Panhellenic spirit while raising money for our Panhellenic philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood, which supports women’s education in developing countries,” Klaassen said.

The event raised $1,428 for Circle of Sisterhood. There was a $5 entrance fee and 216 students attended the event, raising $1,080 in ticket sales alone. There was an additional $348 in donations.

The event brought the community together senior journalism major Kimberly Rose said. Similar to Slay, Rose also liked the recruitment aspect of the event.

“I think it’s a cool way for freshmen to meet sorority girls all together, rather than separately,” Rose said.

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