Pani Puri Eating Contest

Pani Puri (Apporva Jinka/Flickr Creative Commons)

Twenty SMU students competed in the Indian Student Association’s annual Pani Puri Eating Contest Thursday night in Hughes-Trigg.

The event challenged contestants to eat the popular Indian street food Pani Puri. This dish consists of a hollow fried shell filled with a “stuffing,” made of mostly potatoes and chickpeas. It is finished off with a curry liquid called Pani.

The twenty competitors were split into two qualifying rounds, and one final winners round. The first to finish their plate was crowned the contest winner.

The event drew over 100 spectators, most of whom were members of ISA.

Javi Virk, SMU junior and former board member of ISA said the event is geared toward educating students on Indian culture.

“I think people want to learn more about Indian culture, and through food is the best way,” he said.

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