Park ‘n Party hits high score

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The roof of Binkley Garage was packed — throngs of students dancing to the Cupid Shuffle, Gangnam style and the Wop. Arcade games lined the outside of Binkley, with students waiting to play all of the games they used to play as kids: Dance Dance Revolution, Pac-Man and Frogger.

Charlie Weber, who helped out with organizing Park ‘n Party, was surprised with the amount of people who had already come to the event, which was just an hour into its three-hour duration.

“Way more people than last year, way more than we even expected,” Weber said.

There was food lining the event. “Canes, the Sprinkles is already gone, that lasted like thirty minutes, JD’s came, we have Yogurtland, Fratelli Pizza, and Jimmy Johns and Cappuccino Express,” Weber said.

The event was so popular that a group of high school students even showed up, “we had to turn them away,” Weber said.

Program Council has been producing fairly popular events so far this year – their Aaron Carter event brought a crowd of about 1,200 people to the flagpole.

Josh Medeiros, a transfer student from a state college, enjoyed the variety of entertainment, “It’s definitely got more events than community college, and I went to another state school before and this is way better.”

Geenah Krisht, the president of Program Council, is very excited about the turnout this year. A lot of work goes into planning an event like this, and all Program Council activities are entirely student run.

“A combination of the food and hanging out with other people” attracted the number of people to Park ‘n Party, and “because there are not a lot of things on campus that bring a bunch of the student body together,” Krisht said.

Program Council’s goal is “definitely to bring the students together to start loving the SMU community. We really want students to appreciate community,” Krisht said.

Program Council is working on more events for the SMU student body this semester like free pre-screening of unreleased films, a Thanksgiving dinner and possibly a Halloween event.

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