Pizza sounds good dough: Campisi’s coming to Hughes-Trigg this January

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Campisi’s Restaurant will be replacing Pizza Hut in Hughes-Trigg Student Center in early January.

The popular Dallas Italian restaurant features beloved pizza and pasta dishes. Student response to the switch has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s nice that SMU is adding dining options, especially from a hidden Dallas gem. I think the students are going to love the transition,” sophomore Jaci Pellham said.

Students savor variety in their daily dining options.

“Eating the same food everyday when you can’t leave for lunch can get boring,” junior Sara Ann Ziemnicki said.

Campisi’s is a Dallas tradition.

The restaurant was the first in Dallas to serve pizza, opening in 1946. It was also one of the first establishments in the state to get its liquor license in 1971 after the alcohol prohibition was lifted.

There are several Campisi’s across Dallas County, from Mockingbird to Plano. The restaurant also caters to students and families in the Dallas Metroplex.

Since then, students have frequented it.

“Campisi’s is as much SMU [tradition] as the Varsity or Dallas Hall,” alumnus Billy Hightower said.

Students are excited about the health benefits of the switch, too.

“Pizza Hut’s calorie count for their items available is staggering,” junior Lauren Mensing said. “But, honestly, I’m kind of sad they’re getting rid of Pizza Hut.”

Mensing noted that she and her friends enjoy the Tuscani Pastas at Pizza Hut, and hopes Campisi’s will have an extensive menu in its Hughes-Trigg location, rather than just pizza.

Either way, the pizza alone seems to have students excited.

“I’ll eat there so much. I think I’m going to get Junior 15 next semester though because of it,” junior Wilson Willson said.

The switch may be motivated by a desire to get more students into the student center.

“I’ll now be going to Hughes-Trigg much more often [now],” sophomore Lily Thomas said.

Campisi’s is assumedly set to be unveiled at the start of next semester.

At the current time, SMU Dining has not responded to a full inquiry. Updates will be posted on The Daily Campus online as they become available.

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