Police report clarifies wreck details

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A police report released by the University Park Police Department sheds light on a Feb. 28 three-car accident at the intersection of Fondren and Airline roads involving two SMU students and a campus contract worker.

According to the report, just after 1 p.m. a green Jeep Cherokee driven by junior Christian Youngblood failed to yield the right of way to sophomore Jennifer Swanson who was driving north on Airline Road. As Youngblood entered the intersection, Swanson’s car collided with the Jeep and rolled it into a third car driven by Gregory Frazier, a contract worker for the university.

Although the report states that both Frazier and his passenger, Jason Hawkins, told police that the Jeep ran a stop sign before being hit by Swanson, Youngblood said that this was not the case.

“I stopped behind the white line [at the stop sign]. There were a lot of parked cars and buildings in the way,” Youngblood said. “I saw [Swanson’s] car but didn’t think it was going so fast.”

Neither Swanson nor Youngblood were cited for speeding in the police report, but both assert that the accident was the result of the other’s speed.

“I was headed into the library after having lunch with Christian when I heard a boom,” said Youngblood’s mother, Dawn, who works in Fondren Library. “I thought that couldn’t be my son’s car and went inside. Then I started having second thoughts.”

By the time police arrived at the scene Youngblood had managed to crawl out of his flipped Jeep. After complaining of a headache, muscle pain and a knot on his head, he was taken to Baylor Medical Center by the University Park Fire Department where he was treated for a concussion and neck trauma.

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