Power outage doesn’t stop TFA teacher appreciation

Harold Clark Simmons Hall was filled with first-year Teach For America (TFA) teachers enjoying a hot meal in the dark.

The power outage, which began at 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, affected only part of the event hosted by Young Leaders in Education (YLE).

Photo credit: Isabella Von Habsburg

The YLE board, which focuses on service projects, fundraising, scholarship and the recognition of those impacting education, meant to host a professional development workshop with free dinner and raffle prize giveaways for all first-year TFA teachers. YLE board members would lead workshops on topics including communication, financial planning, personal branding, and time management and organization.

Daniela Mendoza, a third-grade bilingual reading teacher at Gilbert Cuellar Sr. Elementary School in Dallas hoped the event would be rescheduled.

“I really wanted to hear the time management and organization workshop. Right now, as a first-year teacher, I’m constantly going,” Mendoza said. “I eat, sleep and live education.”

DSC_0808 copy.jpg
First-year Teach For America teachers Photo credit: Isabella Von Habsburg

TFA teachers dedicate two years of their lives to teaching in low-income schools. The goal is to make a difference in students’ futures and promote education equity and excellence.

Greg Weatherford, the YLE board member who planned the event, was frustrated by the power outage but could find some light in the darkness.

“We were still able to share our commitment and our supports and appreciation for the teachers and give them a place to enjoy a complimentary dinner and fellowship, Weatherford said.

Weatherford and the rest of the YLE board will work to reschedule the event.

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