Residential Commons Olympics rivalries turn to social media

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The Residential Commons are taking their RC Olympics very seriously. They’ve turned to social media to broadcast their confidence on which commons is going to win.

Virginia Snider Commons posted a video to Vimeo of an apparent spider infestation in Crum Commons, saying that it may or may not affect their performance in the olympics.

The video shows the Harry Potter clip of spiders swarming Harry and Ron in the Dark Forest.

Crum chose to attack a different residential common on Instagram, though:

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 8.59.19 PM.png
Instagram photos of the vandalism of the Armstrong Commons slogan appeared on the Crum Commons page late one night two weeks ago. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Armstrong Commons had a sign with the Armstrong logo and the phrase “Second to None”. Someone, assumedly Crum Commons, replaced the word “None” with “Crum”, leaving the sign to read “Armstrong Commons. Second to Crum”.

They followed the Instagram photo with the hashtags #SecondtoCrum, #BeCrumStronger and #Dontskiplegday.

The last hashtag remains a mystery.

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