Schlegel Sports gears up for Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is well on its way. Whether you look forward to the excitement of the game or the comedic, creative commercials, a sports management company, owned by an SMU alumni, wants to entertain you even more.

An exclusive invitation to the 6th Annual Schlegel Woy Management Super Bowl Leather and Lace event, in Tampa, Florida is a golden ticket in the sports, entertainment and business arena.

According to Vertical Entertainment Group and Schlegel Woy Management, the event has attracted more than 3,000 movers and shakers in the industry. Past events have been held in Miami, Houston, Phoenix, Detroit and Jacksonville, Florida. Super Bowl Leather and Lace will be held Jan. 30, 2009 at the waterfront Jackson’s Bistro in Tampa, Florida. It will be hosted by author, model, actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy; business owner, model and actress Kim Kardashian; and entrepreneur, model, actress and dancer Carmen Electra.

Media coverage will include Access Hollywood, People Magazine, The Washington Post and Entertainment Tonight and many others. From the founders of Reveille Productions in Los Angeles, to Schlegel Woy Management in Dallas, Texas, SMU alumni are making their mark on numerous industries.

Co-founders of Schlegel Woy Management, Kirby Schlegel and his father Bob Schlegel, are no exception. Kirby Schlegel graduated from SMU with a Bachelor of Arts in communications. He went on to earn a Master’s in Business Administration from Wilfred Laurier University.

Schlegel Sports Co. holds lucrative contracts with athletes, free agents, and entertainers, including players from the Dallas Stars, Texas Tornadoes and Dallas Cowboys.

According to the Vice President of Schlegel Sports, Matt Nordgren, the second name in the company title honors a man named Jordan Woy.

“Jordan Woy has been in the business for 23 years and has worked with almost 500 players, ranging from first round to free agents. His experience, credibility and relationships within the NFL are what opened the door for Schlegel Woy Management to have such a quick success with the business,” said Nordgren.

Nordgren, who is also Kirby Schlegel’s right-hand man, not only played college football at the University of Texas in Austin, but also played for the Philadelphia Eagles. He later went on to earn a Master’s in Business Administration from UT-Austin McCombs Business School.

Regarding preparations for the Super Bowl Leather and Lace Event, Nordgren said that, “Schlegel Management is the producing and managing company in regards to the event. We all wear many hats but my main role is to develop relationships with businesses that would sponsor the event to derive business opportunities.”

Schlegel Woy Management is especially proud of the charity represented at the event, Generation Rescue.

According to the event’s website, Generation Rescue helps parents find answers about preventing and treating Austism and other neurological disorders.

Jenny McCarthy is the parent of an autistic child who benefits from the foundation. She is also a board member and an activist of Generation Rescue. McCarthy is most notably known for modeling, hosting MTV’s “Singled Out,” guest starring in popular television shows, movies, and Candy Shoes campaign ads.

Schlegel Woy Management said, “Jenny McCarthy has been hosting events for a while now and her charity seemed like a natural fit to work into the current event.”

When asked what the Schlegel Woy Management Co. looks forward to as far as the Super Bowl Leather and Lace event, Nordgren replied, “We are all looking forward to running a successful event and growing our business by developing great relationships with our attendees!”

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