Second Amendment alive and well in Dallas at Market Hall Gun Show

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The Dallas summer heat did not deter the 3,500 people who attended the Market Hall Gun Show this past weekend.

“Generally they are really good, this one is a slow one because of the summer vacation. Usually you can’t get through because there are a lot more tables,” attendee Robert Demars said.

Inside the large room where the show was held, there were 300 vendors buying and selling everything from guns, knives, and ammunition that covered the numerous tables set up. Men and women investigated every aisle with patience and eagerness. The show appeared to attract a passionate and patriotic crowd, with many dressed to show off their American pride.

A Russian man firmly gripped a black case in his right hand that concealed his purchased gun.

“I support the Second Amendment, I have dual citizenship, I like the opportunity the American people have, I mean the Second Amendment, they protect it, they support it, it is all about freedom,” attendee Rustam Gallyamer said.

The Dallas Armed Collectors Association, a non-profit club, continues to sponsor safe collection of arms through education and awareness. Many attendees advocated for the importance of gun laws and respect the duty that they have in obeying them.

“I have taken active shooting programs because if you are going to have it, you are going to have the responsibility of carrying that gun and you need to know how to respect it,” Demars said.

Several veteran associations also came to the event to pay tribute to soldiers who lost their lives protecting their country. Photographs adorned tables as veterans stood commemorating the sacrifices of the deceased soldiers.

“We have the privilege, as citizens, to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Jack Barnes, President of American Fallen Memorial Foundation. “Freedom is not free.”

The Market Gun show occurs five times a year, and the Dallas Armed Collectors Association plans to host its next gun show Sept. 22-23.

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