Senate commends Boaz Hall community

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Student Senate recognized the past and present staff andstudents of Boaz Hall for their efforts to create a cohesive andspirited residence hall community on campus during their regularmeeting Tuesday.

The body unanimously approved the legislation presented by LawSenator Andrew Novak. Boaz is the only residence hall thatconsistently enters campus-wide events such as intramurals,homecoming and Talent Show.

The bill also encouraged Residence Life and Student Housing tokeep what Novak saw as community-building features — such ascommunity bathrooms, open doors and no cable television — inmind for future renovations of the hall.

“In my experience as an RA, community bathrooms are whereyou get to know your residents the most,” Novak said.

He cited Snider Hall with its heavy doors, suite bathrooms andcable television as an example of a community that makes it tooeasy for its residents to avoid their neighbors.

Some senators expressed concern over Boaz’s reputation asa “party hall” and the hall with the fewest amenitiesto offer incoming first-year students.

“Boaz also has a second reputation. It’s not justthe spirit leader and community leader; it’s featured in thepolice reports quite often,” Engineering Senator Travis Glennsaid.

There are no major renovations planned for the hall over thenext five to 10 years.

The body also confirmed the Scholarship Committee’srecommendations for Senate Scholarship recipients. Anbin Ho, MaheenTaj, Ivory Welcome, Samantha Neeaham, Sibusisiwe Thandiwe Mlambo,Wendi Neal and Michael Waters will receive scholarships of variousamounts.

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