Shifting spaces convenient for Corner

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Shifting spaces convenient for Corner

Inexpensive software, student discounts and computer servicingare now all in a more convenient place for SMU students. With theComputer Corner’s new location, computing all over campus maybe improving.

The Computer Corner, which was located in the computer lab nearthe west bridge of Hughes-Trigg, has now moved. The office is inthe back corner of the student center near The Market. For aslightly higher leasing price, the new location provides increasedvisibility and has already improved business since the beginning ofthe spring semester.

“Already we have seen a lot more faces stopping in forhelp,” said Computer Corner manager Alex Gonzaba.”It’s all about location, location, location forus.”

In addition to increased visibility, the new office has morespace allowing it to be more effective. The new design includesdisplays of available software, more room for storage and morespace for customers.

Students appreciate the recent move. According to students theold location was hard to find and too small for seriousbusiness.

“I remember I tried to take my computer in for help but Icouldn’t find it so I went to Comp USA instead,” juniorAmanda Clark said.

Part of the Computer Corner’s mission is to give studentsthe most economical choice when dealing with computer software,virus protection and services.

Computer Corner representatives shop area stores for educationaldiscounts and anything they find, they offer to students for adiscounted value.

“We do anything to help the students with all theirtechnology needs,” Gonzaba said. “Many times wedon’t charge students, sometimes we just giveadvice.”

Although the Computer Corner has a semi-limited selection ofcomputer goods, the SMU discount can save students hundreds ofdollars and time.

Most major stores offer a Microsoft Office Student/TeacherEdition at a discounted price of $199. The Computer Corner offers alarge selection of computer programs for less than $100.

Currently the Computer Corner offers Windows XP Pro Upgrade,Office 2003, XP Pro and Office v.X for Macintosh for $99 each,while most customers have to buy the same programs for near $500 atstores like Comp USA and Best Buy.

“A lot of students live on a budget and don’t havethe 500 bucks to spend on one program,” said junior AllanAdami. “It’s a great benefit to have because studentsare still able to keep their computers updated.”

One benefit that average retail stores sometimes offer, that theComputer Corner does not, is “computer bundles” —a computer, software, printers and sometimes digital cameras— for one price.

Gonzaba said one of the most prevalent problems with students isviruses; which can easily be avoided if students update their virussoftware more often. Programs such as Norton Anti-Virus can bepurchased at the Computer Corner for $10.

Although the majority of the Computer Corner’s business isthe selling of software, students can also buy hardware and receivetech support for a lower cost than at other stores.

Around back-to-school time, many students purchase computersfrom the Computer Corner.

The Computer Corner sells laptops, CPU towers, monitors,printers and more at the discounted education price.

Some of the most noticeable benefits are the easy access of thestore, the discounted prices and the extra customer care studentsreceive.

“We are willing to do whatever for the students,”Gonzaba said.

“It’s both ways though, if the students are willingto come in, we can help them with almost everything.”

The computer corner is open Monday through Thursday from 9 10 p.m.

For more information on the Computer Corner visit its Web siteat

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