SMU bans hoverboards

This year’s hottest new Christmas gift won’t be seen around campus anymore with SMU’s decision to ban hoverboards.

After Justin Bieber was seen using the device on his Instagram page, the scooter quickly became the new must-have toy. SMU students began using hoverboards this fall and were seen all over campus.

Junior Michael Davide understands banning hoverboards for safety reasons, but was looking forward to riding his new scooter to class for convenience.

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SMU student rides his hoverboard in his apartment. (Photo courtesy of: Michael Davide)

“Effective January 13, 2016, Hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, electronic skatebaords, hands-free Segways, and similar devices will not be permitted in any residential building at SMU,” according to the SMU Risk Management office’s website.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has raised safety concerns regarding the popular new scooters. The devices have been implicated in fires, as well as small explosions.

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