SMU By the Numbers: Fall 2017 edition

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A collaboration by The Daily Campus contributors.

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SMU by the numbers. Photo credit: Jacquelyn Elias

100,000: The number of books on the shelves in Fondren Library when it opened in 1940 (SMU libraries)

4,000,000: The estimated number of volumes across SMU libraries in 2017 (SMU libraries)

1: The number of 5-time Olympic medalist gymnasts who have attended SMU (SMU Forum)

2x: The percentage of women in engineering at SMU compared to the national average (Lyle Facts)

4: The number of current SMU football players named Jordan. (There are also 4 players named Matthew) (SMU Athletics)

5: The number of SMU football alumni playing for the New Orleans Saints (New Orleans Saints)

$15,000: The approximate amount Student Senate raised for Hurricane Harvey relief (Student Senate)

40: The number of sorority parking spots lost to make room for a new SMU daycare center (Mary Pennington-Hoyt, project manager)

1,500: The number of customers who visit the Fondren Library Starbucks daily (Starbucks employees)

2,997: The number of people who moved into on-campus housing this fall (Jennifer Post, Director of Residence Life)

16: The percentage of students who used the word “home” to describe their on-campus housing (Jennifer Post, Director of Residence Life)

3: The current national ranking of the SMU Division of Dance (OnStage Blog)

900: The number of Band-Aids purchased by the SMU Division of Dance last year (Christopher M. Ham, Director of Dance Production)

1: The number of former international students inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame (Wikipedia)

1: The number of current White House Communication Directors who graduated from SMU (Wikipedia)

96: The number of countries SMU international students come from (SMU Facts)

44: The number of international student athletes (SMU Athletics)

1: The number of SMU alumni who play Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls (Wikipedia)

123,000: The number of SMU alumni worldwide (SMU Facts)

151: Number of SMU football players drafted into the National Football League (Pro Football References)

424: The number of SMU undergraduate students who studied abroad summer 2017 (SMU Abroad)

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