SMU Career Fair goes mobile

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The Hegi Career Center is hosting their first career fair this Tuesday, Sept. 15. It is open to students of all classes and all majors.

If you are looking for help in preparing for and navigating the event, we have good news…there’s an app for that.

(Photo Credit: App Store)

The SMU Career Fair app will have everything from a fair map to real-time updates and announcements to help students stay updated and find their way around the fair. Be sure to download it prior to the event because it will include a complete list of attending employers and tips to help students prepare for the day as well.

“I think that the app could be really helpful to some students who want to go to the career fair, but find it intimidating,” said freshman Terrance Alexander.

The app will also be updated for the next career fair in February 2016. Download it for free on your iPhone, iPad or Android by searching ‘SMU Career Fair Plus’ in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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