SMU commemorates MLK day with Unity Walk

Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Walk from SMU-TV on Vimeo.

President R. Gerald Turner and the SMU community commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. at the Unity Walk in the Hughes Trigg Student Center Commons Wednesday at noon.

“As we do our march we can celebrate how much has gone forward in these 150 years and look forward to all its to be,” SMU President R. Gerald Turner said.

Approximately 60 people gathered in Hughes-Trigg to join the Unity Walk.

They then made their way to the south exit of Hughes-Trigg and proceeded to the Boulevard until they reached Meadows Museum while singing freedom songs.

The Unity Walk is the “highlight of Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Week,” according to Creston Lynch, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs and planner of the event.

“We work with various departments and we come together to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King and we are doing out best to see that vision on our campus,” Lynch said.

The vision was present when the crowd strolled down the SMU Boulevard singing freedoms songs.

This included Vice President of Student Affairs Lori White who wore tennis shoes with her professional attire to make the walk a bit more “comfortable.”

“I march today because I want to remember those who made sacrifices and made it possible to be where we are today. I march today because I know we still have work to do,” White said.

SMU junior Brittany Levingston attended the event, and said her favorite freedom song is “I Will Trust in My Lord.”

“I came because I think it’s important to remember and honor the memory of Dr. King and to try to keep that alive,” Levingston said.

She is also a member of the Voices of Inspiration Gossip Choir which helped her lead songs in the march.

The march was open to the public and everyone was handed out a flyer with the lyrics of three freedom songs: “We Shall Overcome,” “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn me ‘Round,” and “This Little Light of Mine.”

“I think its important that we do this walk to make sure that today’s generation understands what it took to enjoy the freedoms we have today,” Beth Wilson, J.D. SMU Associate Vice President and Executive Assistant to the President, said.

When asked before the march if she was ready to sing, Wilson replied, “I am ready to lend my voice!” 

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