SMU Daily Campus Editorial Board endorses Nathan DeVera for student body president

The Editorial Staff would like to endorse candidate Nathan DeVera for Student Body President for the 2018-2019 term.

Over the course of his three years at SMU, DeVera has been a part of the Student Senate, filling the roles of First-Year Senator, Lyle Senator and Parliamentarian. He is currently serving as Student Body Vice President. This long history of experience as a member in the body he would be leading to enact change is more than encouraging.

DeVera’s platform includes giving students a bigger voice in the decisions by the administration and working to make our facilities as wonderful on the inside as our campus looks on the outside. His dedication to open communication from undergraduate and graduate students alike is a message we are excited to get behind. His intentions for facilities improvements include underclassmen and upperclassmen housing, the Dedman Recreational Center, Greek housing and the outdoor lighting students so frequently note are subpar and make them feel unsafe.

Outside of his Student Senate experience, DeVera has been an active presence on the SMU campus. He is a member of a capella group Southern Gentlemen, or “SoGents,” a continuation from high school of his passion for the arts. He also plays on the SMU rugby team, serving as its president and captain. Before prospective students even become Mustangs, they know DeVera as a tour guide, as he is a Student Ambassador on top of all his other responsibilities.

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