SMU Debate gets top honors in Kansas City, Lexington championships

From left to right: Mattie Lippe, Katie Snyder, Dr. Ben Voth, Cecily Cox and Brianna Monsalve

SMU’s debate team competed in two national competitions over the weekend, the Mid America Cross Examination Debate Association Championships in Kansas City, and the Phi Rho Pi National Forensics Championships in Lexington, Kentucky.

Katie Snyder, Cecily Cox, Mattie Lippe and Brianna Monsalve finished among the top three teams in the nation for novice debate at the Mid America Championship. Lippe and Snyder went on to the final round of the tournament in the second seed position where they debated University of Minnesota on whether the U.S. should remove its troops from South Korea.

Jaden Warren finished fourth in the varsity debate of the International Parliamentary Debate at the Pi Kappa Delta national tournament. He ranks fifth in the nation for this particular type of debate. He lost the semi-final round on a 2-1 decision.

Next week, Muteranymi Nintunze and Aabid Shivji will compete in the Cross Examination Debate Association Nationals in New York.

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