SMU filmmakers debut their short films at the Fall Film Festival

Editor’s note, Dec. 9, 2:50 p.m.: This story has been updated throughout.

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 8, students took a break from studying for finals, grabbed a bag of popcorn and settled into theatre seven at the Angelika Film Center to check out the Student Filmmakers Association’s Fall Film Festival.

The Angelika Film Center, where the Fall Film Festival was held. Photo credit: Cameron Luttrell

The Student Filmmakers Association (SFA) hosts a film festival every semester. Any SMU student, regardless of their major, can enter their short film in the fall festival.

“We really focus on shorts from students at SMU as an opportunity for them to showcase their work and get some feedback,” Kylie Madry said, who is a sophomore SFA member.

For the spring semester, students from other local colleges, like UTD and Baylor, are encouraged to enter their films.

Anyone is welcome to attend the festival. Film students, parents, professors, and supporting non-film majors crowded into the theatre to see the collection of different short films that SMU students have worked so hard on throughout the semester.

“My favorite part is definitely how SMU, as a community, gets to see what SFA and the film department has been working on all semester and gets to enjoy that and be apart of that,” Madry said.

The films shown were very different, but all were highly enjoyable. Many of the films were funny, but some took a more serious tone. From vampires taking over Dallas, to a couple getting in a bloody fight while having brunch, to a skit called Inappropriate Things to do in a Bathroom, each short film was intriguing in it’s own way.

The films were shot all over Dallas, and many of them were shot at SMU. Footage of familiar places like the boulevard, dorm rooms, and classrooms flashed upon the big screen.

“We saw one of the films that we actually saw being shot, which was cool” said freshman Victoria Vo.

The film festival opened up with a black and white, untitled film by Andrew Oh, a sophomore film student.

Oh wasn’t nervous to open up the festival with his film.

“I had something shown last year and I was more nervous for that,” Oh said. “First year student, first screening. This wasn’t as high stake.”

Oh’s film consisted of footage of other SFA members planning out their films in a classroom. This was a nice introduction to the fall festival and gave audience members a look into what it’s like to be apart of SFA.

All SMU students, not only film majors, who love film are able to join SFA.

“We have a lot of opportunities to get involved if you just love film, want to watch films, or learn more about the behind-the-scenes action,” Madry said.

With great student films, comfortable movie theatre seats and an exclusive look into what it’s like to be involved in SFA, the fall film festival deserves a standing ovation. Don’t miss out on the spring festival next semester.

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