SMU French Club screens “School of Babel” for International Film Festival

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By Sammie Oliva

Tuesday night the SMU French Club will be screening the film “School of Babel” as part of their International Film Festival.

This documentary, directed by Julie Bertuccelli, follows a class of students from across the globe as they begin school at La Grange aux Belles, located in the diverse 10th district of Paris. Many of the featured children are asylum seekers recovering from the trauma of their backgrounds. The film shadows Ms. Cervoni, a teacher at the school, as she helps the students grasp the French language and prepares them for the transition to mainstream classes.

The picture will play from 7-9 p.m. in McCord Auditorium, which is located on the third floor of Dallas Hall. No tickets are required for entry. For more information and other upcoming films, click here.

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