SMU freshmen move in

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Marissa Stave is finally getting suitcases unpacked and her room set up after a busy first week of college. Stave and the other SMU first-years were the first students to move on campus on Aug. 16.

The first-year students had one day to move in before heading to Mustang Corral orientation Aug. 17 to 21. Classes started on Monday, Aug. 22.

Stave, originally from California, now lives in Armstrong, one of the five newest residence halls on campus.

Armstrong Commons
Armstrong Commons Photo credit: Meghan Klein

“Getting assistance from the RA’s and being able to use the big carts to get our things from the car made the moving in process a lot easier for us,” said Stave.

SMU’s ‘Welcome Crew’ was on hand to help freshmen unload packed cars and acclimate to the new campus, but not everything got done before it was time to head to orientation.

“It was more hectic and took a lot more time than I expected,” said Stave.

*Disclaimer: Meghan Klein is a contributor for The Daily Campus*

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