SMU Guildhall ranked No. 1 in the world

Video game designers will flock to SMU-in-Plano now that the Princeton Review has ranked the SMU Guildhall the best game-design graduate school in the world.

“Becoming the No. 1 graduate game-design school is a tribute to faculty with deep experience, bright and motivated students, a robust network of successful alumni, stellar industry support, cutting-edge curriculum and a commitment to continual improvement,” SMU Guildhall director Gary Brubaker said.

SMU Guildhall

The SMU Guildhall offers four specializations in game-design: art, design, production and programming. While studying at the Guildhall, students develop one 2D game and two 3D games with a team. Each team has a representative from all four specializations.

SMU Guildhall graduates have worked on popular games such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Bioshock Infinite.

SMU ranked above the University of Texas at Dallas (No. 14) and Texas A&M University (No. 17).

The Princeton Review determined its rankings based on a survey of 150 institutions that offer game design degrees. The survey covered various areas including academic offerings, faculty credentials, graduates’ starting salaries, curricula, facilities and employment experience.

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