SMU Hosts Basketball Clinic

SMU Men’s Basketball Head Coach Larry Brown hosted a coaching clinic at Moody Coliseum Sunday, highlighting different strategies. Guest speakers included Head Coach Bill Self of Kansas, Shaka Smart of VCU, Wes Miller of UNCG, and NBA coach Mike Woodson.


“Just when you think you figure [coaching] out you realize you don’t have any idea.,” said Self. “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t have any idea.”

The group of winning coaches lectured about their coaching mentality and ran through plays that emphasized what is most important to them. The clinic was open to all high school and college-level coaches, but was not open to players participating in basketball programs from grades 7-12.

Brown emphasized four things coaches need to take into consideration: getting players into shape, making them play unselfishly, and making them play hard.

“And fourth, you can make it fun,” said Brown.

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