SMU jumps up in latest Forbes ranking

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Student satisfaction, post-grduate success and the number of academic awards won by students were all factored into Forbes’ improved ranking of SMU. (Sidney Hollingsworth/The Daily Campus)

SMU moved up 24 spots on Forbes’ list of the Top Colleges in the U.S. and is now ranked 81st in the country compared to last year’s 105th.

This is the sixth year that Forbes has partnered with the Center for College Affordability and Productivity to rank American colleges. According to Forbes’ website, rankings focus on what students get out of college rather than what it takes to get in.

“While we always take rankings with a grain of salt,” said Stephanie Dupaul, SMU’s Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, “our rise in the Forbes ranking demonstrates the value that can come from an SMU degree by measuring important factors such as student satisfaction and post-graduation outcomes.”

Other factors that are measured to determine rankings are student debt, graduation rate and nationally competitive awards.

Forbes has SMU ranked as number 66 on the Best Private Colleges list and number 13 on the Best Colleges in the South.

SMU is the third highest ranked in Texas, behind Rice University at 33 and University of Texas in Austin at 66. Texas A&M; University in College Station came in fourth at 122. In North Texas specifically, SMU was the highest ranked. University of Dallas was ranked at 169, Baylor University at 235 and TCU at 245.

Faculty and students agree that improved rankings can be nothing but beneficial for SMU’s future.

“SMU’s improved rank on the Forbes list will better our recognition as a college campus and I couldn’t be more excited for my future in the business world,” senior finance major Leo Griggs said.

Stanford University is ranked number one. For the entire list of colleges and the complete methodology visit

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