SMU, Santander Bank offer art history scholarships for students to travel abroad

SMU students in the art history program now have the change to study abroad thanks to a philanthropic agreement between the university and Santander.

Santander is one of the largest retail banks in the U.S. The bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is a financially autonomous subsidiary of Banco Santander. Branches of Santander Bank include Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. and Santander Universities.

Funds for the art history scholarships at SMU are provided through Santander Universities. It was founded in 1996 to support higher education by issuing funds for “teaching and research, international cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer, entrepreneurial initiatives, student exchange and innovation.” It currently maintains over 1,100 agreements with universities and research centers worldwide.

Santander will provide scholarships for Meadows School of the Arts students, specifically those in the art history program who plan to study abroad in Spain or Latin America. According to a public statement from SMU, students will be able to “immerse themselves in the culture and language, while visiting museums, conducting research on works of art, and building a network of contacts in the art industry.”

Tom Dundon, CEO of Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. and SMU alumni, believes these scholarships will allow students to grow even more.

“Study abroad programs give students the opportunity to discover themselves while experiencing different styles of education,” Dundon said. “They also learn about new cultures and countries that broaden their perspective of the world.”

SMU President R. Gerald Turner also made a statement following the announcement of Santander’s donation:

“SMU is committed to offering its students challenging opportunities to study abroad as part of the University’s pledge to produce graduates who are ready to step out and change the world,” said Turner. “As Tom Dundon can attest from his own experiences here, this gift from Santander will be well used and is much appreciated.”

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