SMU Sound: the new voice of SMU’s student radio

Click on the mustang to hear Origins, the sound of SMU

Two SMU journalism students are bringing back the once thought to be dead and gone SMU radio station, but in a whole new way. Introducing SMU Sound, an online listening experience based on recorded programming and streaming. As it stands, the model for the new radio is based on podcasts, that can be both streamed and downloaded at the listener’s convenience.

Founders Cody Beavers and Zoë Mattioli are kicking off the site by premiering their original podcast, “Origins,” which follows the two on their endeavors to create a media startup in a storytelling narrative format. Although Origins is the first and only podcast series currently airing on the site, the founders are inviting students across campus to join SMU Sound and contribute with their own podcast or radio shows as the station grows.

Listeners can tune in to the first episode of Origins above, and for more information about SMU Sound and to stay in touch with future releases, check out their website and follow them on Twitter.

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