SMU students watch election unfold at Barley House

Is Election Day a tad stressful for you? It seems that most Americans are enjoying the affects of high blood pressure on this election Tuesday, And what better way to make it through this rather exhausting election cycle? Well, a drink. And this is why many SMU student found themselves at the local bar on SMU Blvd, Barley House.

Photo credit: Katie Butler
Photo credit: Katie Butler

Barley House, an SMU classic, found itself home to many SMU students on Election Day as students and Dallasites alike awaited the announcement of the new President of the United States. With beer on tap and their classic cheese fries, Barley served as a safe haven for those anxiously waiting the presidential election results.

“I just need a drink because its over,” says Elizabeth Orschlean, junior at SMU. “I’m so tired of hearing about everything.”

This seems to be the consensus for most of the SMU students viewing the polls at Barley House; one of annoyance and wishing it was over.

“I hated our options” says SMU senior Elliott Bouillon. “It’s been a very divisive election between the country- they are the most unfavorable candidates I’ve ever seen on both sides.”

“It’s disappointing that that is the best we could do,” continues Bouillon. “It was definitely voting for the lesser of two evils, instead of voting for the candidate you care about, which sucks.”

Despite the animosity towards the election as a whole, there are still positives to be found throughout the election cycle.

“I think it was really exciting,” says Orschlean of voting for the first time. “Growing up seeing my parents vote … I think it was nice for it to be my own choice, and I was lucky enough to not be pressured by my parents to vote one way or another.”

“I’m from Boston, and coming from a very liberal state and coming down here to Texas to vote, it was very interesting to see,” adds Orschlean.

The new president hasn’t been decided yet, but one thing is for sure; everyone needs on Election Night.

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