SMU Track and Field gain gratitude giving back

Being grateful for every step out on the track or in the field has been head Coach Cathryn Casey’s main message for her SMU Mustangs over the post indoor season, as the group comes off their notable second place conference finish and gets some hard work in prior to their outdoor debut at the TCU Invitational.

Ten SMU track and field athletes gave up their spring break and gained a new sense of appreciation when they volunteered in one of the many playrooms at Dallas Children’s Hospital on March 13.

“I just feel very lucky,” Tess Misgen, freshman middle distance runner said.

The group was able to interact with the children via crafts, board games, music, video games and arcade games such as air hockey and pool. The games facilitated a smooth interaction and emphasized the fundamentals of being a child and the importance of relationships formed via ‘play.’

“It’s important we remember how amazing our lives are,” Svenja Ojstersek, long distance graduate student said. ‘We have to take time to enjoy things like having a good workout and going out for a nice meal with friends, it’s not all about work, work, work, or what we can do alone … we have to look at it all.”

Although many of the games seemed a loss to track athletes with minimal hand-eye coordination, the humor their attempts brought as 7-year-olds left them in the dust really reiterated the importance of holding an appreciation for every moment.

“Being surrounded by those kids reminded me to live in the now,” Atipa Mabonga Freshman Triple jumper said. “Not to worry about what’s going to happen in 10 minutes time or 10 hours but what’s happening right now. Life’s too short and precious to try live for the future or in the past. We just need to be present in the present.”

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