SMU travels to USF

The SMU men’s basketball team travels to Tampa, Florida to take on the USF Bulls on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

The Mustangs defeated the Bulls 83-49 at home for their first AAC meeting of the season so they have a good chance of a repeat win.

SMU men’s basketball team’s starting point guard Nic Moore said, “We need to focus on Coach (Larry) Brown’s game plan for us. We need to play together and share the ball. We need to make every possession count because we are on the road. If we play our game, chances for a win are high,”

Though it’s an away game, pony fans can still watch the game on ESPNU and the team hopes to have a lot of support even on the road.

“People should watch because they are true fans and want to support us at home or away, win or lose,” Moore said.

A win in Tampa would advance the Mustangs to 8-1 in the AAC and 17-4 overall.

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SMU Mustangs guard Nic Moore #11 looks for a team mate

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