SMU veterans honored at campus event Monday

Veterans talk with Rita Kirk at Monday’s event by the flagpole. Photo credit: Ellen Smith.

All over the country, veterans were honored and remembered for their courageous acts of service Monday. Here at SMU, students personally honored what the veterans have done.

Members of the SMU faculty set up a tent by the flagpole in representation of all of the veterans. There, the veterans signed in and were able to get pinned to individually thank each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication to the country.

Rita Kirk, distinguished professor of the Meadows School of Arts, pinned each of the veterans.

“We had to think about what to do to elevate this day and give appropriate due… [This event] is an honor from the whole campus and a way to individually thank the veterans for their service.” Kirk said.

Kirk explained that each of the veterans was handed a card with the value of his or her service along with the values of SMU. This was a way to reiterate the values they are portraying and how those values are connected with the SMU community.

Not only were SMU students, faculty and staff able to play a role in this experience, but President George Bush was also present, meeting personally with several of the veterans to individually thank them for what they have done.

Many people throughout the SMU community and Dallas community as a whole participated in the event to acknowledge each of the veterans and the service these men and women have done to protect the U.S.

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