SMU’s Coaching and Leadership Class

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A course designed to introduce students to what coaches do, the qualities of a coach, and strategies for effective coaching.

“You get to learn from some coaching theory, but also from some of the great coaches and leaders in sport and even outside of sport and what are those great characteristics that define them,” David Bertrand said.

Professor David Bertrand teaches coaching and leadership in the department of Applied Physiology, Sports Management and Wellness.

In addition to teaching in the classroom Professor Bertrand takes his knowledge to the field as a certified triathlon coach.

“One of the reasons coaching a sport has meant so much in my life is what I’ve learn in that and through that and being so immersed in a sport, I got principles,” Bertrand said.

Professor Bertrand took principles of coaching and translated them to other aspect of his life, a process he instills in his students.

“It gives you a confidence boost knowing these are my strengths. It gives me something to look for when I’m working on other things because I’m not APSM, that wasn’t my major or anything I’m going into,” student athlete Michael Sehlinger said.

“For anything whether you’re an athlete or whether you have sports experiences or not I think the ability to take what it can give you and then look to other areas of yourself and your life, I think that’s what it has to be about,” Bertrand said.

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