SMU’s First Farmer’s Market Brings Healthy Foods to Campus

Video made by Lizzie Loftus

The Office for Community Health Promotion (CHP) and Student Wellness Champions put on SMU’s first Farmer’s Market at the Flagpole on Sept 5. The goal was to promote healthy eating on campus and support local businesses.

“Students complain that Dining doesn’t have a lot of vegan options and Hughes Trigg doesn’t have a lot of vegan options,” Student Wellness Champions Coordinator Lana Farra said. “I’m just excited to get a lot of food that is healthy for you.”

Zubiate’s Cocina, T-Rex Pickles, and Rejuv Juice were all brought to campus. In the future, CHP and Student Wellness Champions are planning to bring fresh produce. Farra said that the pressed juice was her favorite of the vendors.

“It’s definitely just juice on the go,” Farra said. “But you don’t have to pick between sugary and healthy. You can have both.”

Student Wellness Champion Anh Dang understands that eating healthy on a college campus can be difficult, but she believes that the Farmer’s Market and the CHP Office can alleviate that challenge.

“When we are put under a lot of stress or pressure and we don’t have a lot of time, it’s easy to go for the quick option, like fast food or packaged snacks,” Dang said. “Our office is here to show you that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a hard thing to do.”

This Farmer’s Market will not be the last on campus.

“We are aiming to do one every month and we want different vendors so you can really sample what Dallas has to offer,” Dang said.

The next Farmer’s Markets are planned to be on Oct 3 and Nov 7.