Snowstorm Make-Up Day Plan Does Not Receive Majority Student Approval

On March 2, Elizabeth Loboa, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, sent an email to students, faculty and staff announcing Good Friday and the first reading day would be used to make up class that was missed due to the snowstorm.

Many students were upset.

With the absence of Spring Break from this semester, Good Friday was meant to be the only day students had off — and now that break is gone, too.

Reading days are meant to help students take some time to prepare for their finals.

In a poll conducted by The Daily Campus, 59% of participants voted they do not approve of the decision to use Good Friday and the first reading day to make up lost class time.

“It’s frankly inhumane. We don’t have a single day off this semester,” said Reeth Magoo, SMU sophomore. “Meanwhile, other colleges are scheduling mental health days off.”

Many schools — like TCU, Notre Dame and Duke — that do not have spring breaks this semester, are providing “Mental Health Days” to their students and staff. SMU is not.

“We already don’t have any breaks this semester,” said Holly Gray, SMU sophomore. “Also, reading days are very needed to prepare for finals.” Many students messaged the Daily Campus on Instagram saying that they feel they are being rushed through finals.

“I’m pretty upset about SMU’s decision to take away Good Friday and the first reading day,” said Maggie Higgins, SMU Junior. “I think a lot of people were already feeling pretty overwhelmed this semester knowing we had no spring break, and this on top of it all just makes it even more stressful.”