Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar reopens on Greenville Avenue

The Greenville location went under a massive renovation and will reopen March 10. (Courtesy of

March 10 will mark the official reopening of Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar located at 3526 Greenville Ave. With an entire new interior look, new menu items and a new mindset, Snuffer’s is upping their game and bringing a fresh perspective to their classic Dallas restaurant.

Originally opened in 1978, Snuffers followed a biker bar and gas station in their same location.

Snuffer’s had a small menu when it originally opened, manager Justin Seitzler said. “Burgers and cheddar fries. The cheddar fry was pretty much invented here. And no one’s been able to replicate it since,” he said.

Known for their delicious food, as well as being the setting of some crazy ghost stories, Snuffers became an instant hit among burger lovers.

“There’s just nowhere else you can find those amazing cheese fries,” asid James Catchings, a long time customer to the restaurant. “The burgers too. They’re just so good.”

The chain currently consists of six locations throughout the metroplex. The renovated Greenville location brings the count to seven. What sets this reopened Snuffer’s apart from the rest?

“It’s a whole new atmosphere and a whole new Snuffer’s,” said Abbey Hammond, a Snuffer’s bar tender.

Specifically, the place has been completely transformed. This transformation includes the renovation, a more modern feel, plenty of televisions and better lighting. But most importantly is the addition of some new food.

New menu items include the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, the Bacon Guacamole Burger and the Sweet Potato Sundae.

“It’s delicious,” Seitzler said.

Snuffer’s also will be serving 16 beers on tap, including everything from crafts beers to local brews, as well as making their own ranch dressing in-house.

Snuffer’s sets itself apart from the hundreds of other burger joints throughout Dallas by integrating the family atmosphere they are famous for with their brand new, renovated bar.

“We’re not just a burger-and-beer bar,” Seitzler said. “We have that aspect to us, but we also cater so well to families.”

The company also prides itself on it’s great service.

“Anytime I go to Snuffers, I know I’m going to be treated well. Really taken care of,” Catchings said.

This weekend kicks off the Snuffer’s grand reopening. The restaurant will be hosting parties for their VIP customers, management, family and friends on Saturday and Sunday. And the select few that received an email about the reopening will be able to make a reservation.

The public will have to wait until Monday for access. The restaurant will open it’s doors at 11 a.m. serving their full menu, including their burgers and sundaes.

“We’re just here to say the brand is back.” Seitzler said. “We’re looking better than ever. We’ve got a new energy, a new positive attitude. We’ve got a great team, great staff, great management. We’re here. We’re back. And yeah, let’s have some fun.”


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