Sorority recruitment starts now

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With the new school year begins the process of sorority rush. Rush week formally begins in the spring, but the meetings and other events start now.

But changes are in the air this year.

With the new residential commons, potential new members may now live with sophomore sorority members. In the past, there was no fraternizing with new recruits in their living spaces. This year, all those in sororities can now have freshmen in their dorm rooms and be friends with them on social media, something that was also forbidden in years past. The previous restrictions were in place to prevent unfair advantages and some students are now questioning if this year those rushing may be influenced by who they live with.

Along with new rush rules, all Panhellenic events such as the Greek picnic and Panhellenic preview are no longer in existence. Sorority rush events that do not contribute to a charity have also been canceled this year.

All girls who have registered for rush will find out their rho gamma groups this week. For all 2015 rush updates, friend Patty Panhellenic on Facebook.

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