Student Body President discusses campus issues

SMU-TV got a chance to sit down with Student Body President Ramon Trespalacios to talk about everything from the recent sexual assaults to SMU President R. Gerald Turners announcement concerning the year’s fundraising campaign.

President Trespalacios said that sexual assault was not just a police problem but a community problem.

“People tell me, ‘what is SMU doing?’ and I ask them, what are you doing?” said Trespalacios. “We are SMU. So it’s not about waiting around for someone else to fix it; we need to fix it ourselves.”

In addition to his comments on the handling of recent sexual assaults, Trespalacios congratulated the new first-year senators-elect and explained the failed voting for the all-new transfer seat.

“This is new grounds for Student Senate, and as you know, Student Senate is run by people,” said Trespalacios. “We all make mistakes.”

According to Trespalacios, who was informed by the administration about the bugs leading up to the error, not all transfer students were listed in access correctly, resulting in the flubbed election.

The re-vote for the transfer seat on the Student Senate will be held Wednesday, September 18, from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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