South Quad parking lot closed for construction

On April 18, the South Quad parking lot behind Mac’s Place was partially closed due to the construction of the new Indoor Performance Center.

Students notified by email were told to have their vehicles removed from the area between Binkley Parking Center and McElvaney Commons by 10 p.m. on April 17. The installation of fencing was scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. the following morning. The parking lot has been cut in half, which has worsened the parking problem at SMU.

Many students were surprised by the quick change and such little notice. McElvaney Commons resident Ella Coppola was one of the many students affected by this.

“I woke up Wednesday morning and my car was gone. I had no idea who to contact and who to reach out to so I could find my Volvo,” Coppola said. “It is completely ridiculous how SMU can just tow your car with two days notice by email.”

The Indoor Performance Center is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2019. The 67,000-square-foot building will be located on Bishop Boulevard. The new facility will contain an indoor practice field, training facilities, and entertainment areas.

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