Top 5 Dallas things to do in the spring

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Now that spring is here, the weather is warming up and it’s time to go outside. Here are the top five things to do now that spring has sprung:

1. Plan a day at a park

The city’s parks often host events, but on any given day a park would make for a great picnic spot. Top pick: Klyde Warren Park

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2. Eat out on a patio

Dallas is home to a multitude of restaurants and many have options to dine outside. Top pick: Truck Yard

3. Take a hike, literally

Whether you would prefer walking, running or biking, Dallas has scenic trails for you. Top pick: Katy Trail


4. Spend a day on White Rock Lake

Plenty of activities are available at White Rock Lake including sailing, rowing, and fishing. Top pick: Rent a canoe

5. Visit the Dallas Arboretum

There is natural beauty at every turn within the Arboretum’s 66 acres with plenty of photo opportunities. Top pick: Lay Family Garden

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With all of these options and only three months of spring, it’s time to go on an adventure!

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